2020 Homegrown Schedule and Workshop Descriptions Now Available!

Donyelle McCray, Yale Homiletics Professor

Join us for HOMEGROWN, a gathering for women who preach and women who value women’s preaching. We will meet virtually this year to learn, commune, and recharge with each other.


As our country struggles with the dual crises of the pandemic and widespread racism, we look this year to the legacy of preacher, lawyer, and writer Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray to provide inspiration for our time together. As a historian, attorney, poet, activist, teacher and Episcopal priest, Pauli Murray worked throughout her life to address injustice, to give voice to the unheard, to educate, and to promote reconciliation between races and economic classes. Her insights and vision continue to resonate powerfully in our times.


Keynote speaker Donyelle McCray (Homiletics professor, Yale Divinity School), currently working on a book about Murray, writes about the ways African American women and lay people use the sermon to play, remember, invent, and disrupt.


Other preachers and presenters include Nicole Williams, Karen Ziegler, Grace Hackney, Angie Hong, Maddy Reyes, Margie Quinn, Chelsea Yarborough, and Deborah Williams. They will offer sessions on on disability activism, Sabbath life, decolonizing racist worship practices, and more. Check here for the full schedule.

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