Festival Schedule

Stay tuned for the 2022 schedule!

Examples of Past year’s workshops and lecture are listed below:

Lecture: The Apostle Pauli – Donyelle McCray

– Spirituality and the Practice of the Enneagram – Chelsea Yarborough
– Keeping and Preaching Faith in Troubled Times – Susan Steinberg

Lecture: Preacher as Truthteller – Donyelle McCray

Sabbath Life and Work on the Land as Spiritual Practice – Grace Hackney
– Beyond Sisterhood is Still Racism: How Colorblind Christianity is Hurting Women of Color and what white Women can Do About It  – Margie Quinn
– Anti-Racism, Racial Justice, and Decolonial Thinking in Worship: New thoughts to consider around multicultural and diverse worship practices for the future – Angie Hong
– Poetry: Movement Toward the Embodiment of Liturgy – Deborah Williams