October 15-16, 2020!

“Preach Like Pauli”
9th annual Homegrown:
2020 NC Women’s Preaching Festival

via Zoom

Register HERE

As the planning team for the 2020 Homegrown NC Women’s Preaching Festival met in person in February, little did we know how much the world would change in just a few short weeks. We grappled with how to best continue our precious community time of worship and learning with each other.  With the protests and racial unrest following the death of Mr. George Floyd, our theme for this year, “Preach Like Pauli,”  seemed particularly apt.

The Durham-based Pauli Murray Project provides many excellent resources, including an expansive biography. They offer this brief encapsulation: “Pauli Murray was a champion for civil and human rights who grew up in Durham. Her insights and vision continue to resonate powerfully in our times.  As a historian, attorney, poet, activist, teacher and Episcopal priest, she worked throughout her life to address injustice, to give voice to the unheard, to educate, and to promote reconciliation between races and economic classes.  Her beautifully written memoir, Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family, was published in 1956. The book chronicles her roots and paints a compelling portrait of Durham during its formative years.”

We are honored to present Donyelle McCray as our keynote speaker this year. McCray is currently working on a book about Pauli Murray, and will offer two sessions illustrating her relevance to our struggles today.  In addition to McCray we have a full schedule of preachers and workshop leaders to challenge us, teach us, and bring us together in faith and community.

In addition to an incredible line-up of preachers and speakers, and workshop leaders, we are excited about the gifts and wisdom, joys and challenges that each of you bring to this festival every year. In addition to the workshops and worship, we will offer several opportunities for being in virtual communion with each other. Learning in community for two days, even virtually, is the heart of who we are.

Our Vision: We believe hundreds of Christian clergywomen in North Carolina are faithfully and creatively engaging in ministries where they proclaim the Word of God, week after week. In an ecumenical spirit of love and collegiality, we will lift up the voices of local clergywomen to encourage and inspire; share and learn; and to hone our craft. Together we will hear wonderful preaching from conference attendees and have time for group conversations on the art of proclamation in all its forms. We will pray, worship, and celebrate together.

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