Sermons & Writings

Sample Sermons

Rev. Chalice Overy
Associate Pastor
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Watch the sermon.
The scripture is at 30 minutes and the sermon begins at 34:30.

Rev. Ginny Tobiassen
Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Watch the sermon.

Rev. Lisa Yebuah
Lead Pastor
Southeast Raleigh Table, Raleigh

Watch the sermon.

Rev. Yazmin Spearman
MDiv Student, Duke Divinity School

Watch the sermon.

Spearman’s sermon begins at 25:04.

Rev. Terri Landers
Associate Pastor
St. Stephen’s Lutheran, Hickory, NC

Watch the sermon.

Liddy Grantland
Duke University, Class of 2020
Student preacher at Duke Chapel, Spring 2020
Watch the sermon.
Sermon begins at 18:44.

Rev. Rebecca Reyes
Ordained PC (USA) clergy, Parish Associate
Church of Reconciliation, Chapel Hill
Watch the sermon.
Sermon begins at 26:40.

In Their Own Words

More sermons and writings of our community:

Rhody Mastin: Polyhydramnios (Or, The Second-Best Option)

Grace Hackney: Life Around the Table

Angie Hong: The Exact Essay That Got Me Into Duke Divinity School

Donyelle McCray: Sweating, Spitting, and Cursing: Intimations of the Sacred