Workshop Descriptions

Friday, 10:15-11:30 am:

Preaching the Community Voice from Paul’s Letters
Katherine Shaner
Paul’s letters were actually letters—multi-voiced conversations between communities of faithful people trying to figure out who Jesus is. So often in our preaching the multiplicity of these voices falls away in favor on Paul’s singular voice. This workshop will ask whose voices are missing from our preaching from the letters Paul wrote. This exegetical question leads us to similar homiletical questions: Whose voices are missing from our preaching? How might we work more closely with these voices in proclamation?

Are You Really Wearing That?: a study on women in ministry
Kelli Hitchman-Craig
This workshop presents the research and data collected by Kelli Hitchman-Craig from clergywomen around the world. After a short presentation of research and analysis, workshop participants are encouraged to reflect together, share experiences, and critically engage issues surrounding clergywomen in the workplace. Bring your theological imaginations, questions about female embodiment, and your proud preaching selves to this workshop!

Creating Your Artistic Voice
Claudia Fulshaw
Through hands-on art and writing prompts, this fun and engaging workshop delves into discovering what your creative spirit and your artistic voice actually look like. What colors and patterns make up your creative spirit? What shapes and textures have you been drawn to throughout your life? Ever wonder why? Come create a unique piece of art out of a variety of materials that are representative of your “art spirit” and see what your creative voice has to say. No art experience is needed to enjoy this workshop! Gentle guidance and encouragement available!

Pulpit & Politics
Angela Roberson
Participants are asked to identify five current social or political issues so as to reflect critically on how theology and scripture can shape our conscience and imagination in crafting sermons for an homiletical engagement of faith, justice, and hope.  A goal of the workshop is to move us from the apathetic to the prophetic in our preaching and public witness.

Friday, 1:30-2:45 pm:

Make it Your Story!
Dorothy Clark
A good story, well told, will keep your audience engaged every time. But how do you craft a “good story”? Do the same rules apply for the pulpit as for a stage presentation? In this workshop we’ll focus on the elements of physicality, vocal dynamics, and language that will help you hone your skills as a story teller. We’ll talk about and experiment with ways to make it your story, whatever the venue.

#MeToo: Recovering from Unwanted Sexual Advances and Abuse
Angela Whitenhill
As congregational and community leaders, clergy women experience constant hurdles of sexism and misogyny just for answering the call to ministry despite their gender. However, unwanted sexual advances, assault, and abuse are a particular painful and complex element of oppression that affect clergy women more often than we care to admit, leaving us feeling shame, confusion, self-doubt, isolation and overwhelming emotion without safe space to process it all.

This workshop breaks down the key elements of sexual assault recovery, clinical and spiritual wisdom on what to do after the fact to nurture one’s self back to wholeness, and key steps and tips to help anyone, including yourself, journey the life long road of recovery from sexual assault. While most workshops focus on statistics and information to promote awareness of the prevalence of sexual assault, this worship really focuses more on the psychological and spiritual path of recovery for those who’ve already lived through it, or those supporting others.

An “Overshadowed” Preacher’s Field journal
Jerusha Neal
Using Luke 1:31 as a framework for discussion, what are the practices of hospitality, differentiation and discernment that shape our preaching? The Field Journal is a tool for young preachers who are seeking more relational, humble, holistic processes of biblical interpretation – but it is also a jumping off place for experienced preachers to share how their preaching has evolved over the years and which practices have become essential for them. Come join the conversation!